Discover How Thousands of Traders Are Achieving Consistent Growth in The Stock Market With My Approach  
Discover How Hundreds of Traders Are Making $1,000's Weekly in The Stock Market without Stress and Overwhelm  
My goal from the very beginning is not to spoon feed our traders, I don't sell "stock alerts".
I work with our members week after week & day after day. If you truly have a passion for the stock market and are willing to put forth the time, i'd love the opportunity to work with you!
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Watch me trade live every day at market open. Also get in touch with me on a weekly  daily basis to go over how your trades and skills are progressing!
70+ "No-Fluff" Training Videos
Learn everything to become a master at technical trading and use our best practices and advanced capitalization strategies.
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Ricky Gutierrez

I'm a 23 year old entrepreneur, day trader, business owner, and mentor. I bought my first house at age 20 and now own multiple properties. I own and have owned various super cars.
In 2016 I founded Techbud Solutions, a community of investors that has grown to over 150,000 members!
Join 1000+ students who are growing profitable streams of income from the stock market!
Inside The Lesson Library
Take A Sneak Peek At The Content Inside Learn Plan Profit!
Module 1
Mastering The Market
What Are Low Cap Stocks? (AKA Penny Stocks)
Support and Resistance
How Much Money To Start Investing With
How to Get the Most Out of Paper Trading
How To Use TD Ameritrade
The Most Important Indicator
What Are Pump and Dumps
The Core Styles of Trading
The PDT Rule
4 Keys to Technical Trading Success
Why To NEVER Hold Penny Stocks
Setting Expectations and How to Stay Consistent with Your Trades
Bullet Proof Process to Identify Potential
How, When and Why To Cut Your Losses
How to Manage Risk
Ricky's Golden Ratio
How to Avoid Hype (and Identify Real Opportunity)
Module 2
The Mechanics
of Trading
How To Build a Watch List
Japanese CandleSticks and How To Read Them
The 4 Most Common Order Types (and How I Use Them)
Step by Step Alert Setting Method
Cash Accounts vs Margin Accounts (Pros and Cons)
Stop Losses vs Mental Stop Losses
Using Level 2 To Forecast Stock Values
Pre-Market and After-Market Hours
My Scanner and Scan Criteria
Module 3
My Indicators &
Best Practices
Using The RSI Study
How I Use MAE, VWAP and the MACD Indicator
Buying on Pullbacks
Identifying Manipulation in Real Time
How To Use Frequencies Accurately 
Bag Holding (Common Mistakes People Make)
How I Lock in Profits
How to Trade Your BEST Stock
Inverse ETFs
How, When and Why To Cut Your Losses
Breakdown of a Typical Swing Trade
What I Look For in a Momentum Trade
How I Identify and Capitalize on a Breakout #1
How I Identify and Capitalize on a Breakout #2
Trading Desk SetUp
Delisting Notice - What To Do
The Reverse Stock Split
Module 4
Mindset For Success
My Biggest Mistakes and How To Not Make Them
How To Keep Your Trading Life Simple and Consistent
How to Set and Breakdown Yearly Goals
Lock in Profits without Forcing a Trade
Trading with No Emotions
Mindset of the Trade
If I Had To Start All Over Again
How Your Quality of Questions Determine Quality of Life and Business
Module 5
Swing Trading
How to Scan For The Right Swing Stocks
6 Golden Steps For Swing Trading
The Ideal Swing Trade
How To Know When To Buy
The Tools For Swing Trading
Finding, Buying, and Selling Cars For Profits.
Step-by-Step: How to make a profit buying cars
Buying Your First Real Estate Property
More Results From Our Students
*UPDATES: I will be continuously adding videos and tools to the program.
How long is the course?
The course contains 70+ videos. The total length of the video section of the course is 7 hours if watched straight through. Plan to take 2-4 weeks to complete the course.
 How long do I have access to the Lesson Library?
Forever! ( Lifetime Access) 
 Refund Policy
No Refunds are given.  Absolutely NO exceptions 
 What if I have questions or problems?
All students have access to our private Discord group where they can ask any questions. My team and I are active in the group chats daily. If you have urgent or very specific questions you can email me at info@techbudsolutions.com
 Can I pay with PayPal?
Yes, you can pay with PayPal!
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